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April 14th 2008 by: Jozzy

Hey. Today my dad's cap on his tooth fell off an broke in 2 pieces. at dinner! it was gross and freaky at the same time because wen my dad spit it out it looked like food. bleh. the council thing 4 omaha is tryin 2 ban kids performing.. my bro is in an awesoem band called pathway to dreams an none of them r 21 yet so then none of them would be  able to play. grrrrr well, gtg 2 bed byebye!

April 15th 2008 by: Jozzy

I had track today. ugh. i only hav a few more weeks though. the talent show is coming up! yay! evn though im not in it, i like watching it. sometimes. sometimes its magic tricks like "separating rings" the magic is that the rings hav little slits in them. how amazing.

April 19th, 2008 by: Jozzy

omg i hav a track meet today!! i dont evn no how to do a triple jump and theyre makin me do it at the meet!!! i dont evn hav my uniform yet!!! IM FREAKIN OUT! i swear... oya. me an maddie went to the duscese art show thing yesterday(boring) an then we got california tacos and jarritos!!! now im like collecting foriegn soda bottles. i hav 2 so far! yay!

ya i hav 2 leav in an hour cuz it takes like 45 minutes 2 get to umm bryan high school [??]
below is me an maddie wit our jarritos.. yupp.

April 20th by: Jozzy

on sat i got major sunburn on my face. omg it hurts!! well today me maddie and aly all uploaded our video onto the computer to youtube except it takes a while to load completely so i'll probably add it to our videos page tomorow.  i had a pic of my sunburn and a reminder for all people to wear sunscreen except i cant load it cuz this weebly thing is messed up. it wont let me load the picture. o well. i'll load it sooner or later. and jill/sash/kal/idont even no we cant even do a webshow becuz thats 2 complicated for this weebly thing. no offense weebly.

April 21st, 2008 by:Jozzy

yay! i finaly got the picture. and more importantly, i got one of our videos!!! I love it. it took a long time to get everything together. maybe me and maddie can do another today. or, we can all do one together on wednesday. today i was superr excited because my mom said that if me and my brother, dylan, stay at my aunt jackie's house in kansas city,[[missouri]] before we go on our vacation [[my parents are going with their friends first and then it will be our vacay cuz taylor and justin are doin stuff[[taylor isnt leaving college and justin's going to the buckethead concert]] then she can take me and dylan to worlds of fun!!!! then i would be going there twice!!!! go aunt jackie!!! ya, me and my mom walked to panera and got these breakfast sandwich thingies and they were good. and, on they way back, we passed the phone store place and there was a pic of an orange EnV and my mom was like, "i think I mite get one of those" and i was starting to crack up because my mom is not a texting person, so I told her that and she's like, "maybe I'll start!" 

April 22nd, 2008 by: Maddie

we finally made another video w/ Aly. I luv it! it's so funny. I got a 3 piece canvas thingy and i painted on them. the 1st  turned out dack but the 2nd not so cool.o well. i still havnt painted on my giant 1. anyways . me and jozzy got a 5$ coupon thing 2 TCBY. so we got these extremely good super brownie sundays.soooo ya.my day was really pretty much boring soo theres not alot for me 2 say. o and i watched my piano teachers baby.it was really funny cuz she would start crying then wen i gave her a bottle it would become dead silent. she was also obsessed about our ceiling fan she would just stare at it.it was kind of strange.

April 24th, 2008 By: Aly

Okay well tonight me and jozzy were at my house and took pictures on my computer. Well tonight we played out side in the rain and got drentched so yeah. I have a pic and will put it on tommarrow. and tommarow is friday i can't wait.

April 25th, 2008 by: Jozzy ann Aly

Okay well yeah we got soaked. it was so funn.. so we decided to take pics. well, we walked outside and it was pouring so we danced in the rain. and we layed down in the streams on the side of the street. and we skipped down the street in the puddles. soo... u can c that we r soaked... ppl.. seriously... PLZ LEAVE COMMENTS!!

April 26th, 2008 by: Jozzy & Aly

Hey guys.. 1st off this is jozzy.. well, 2day i had a track meet and it was very boring. but wen i got home we were tearing down my deck!! hooray!  were gettin a new 1 on monday... now we hav 2 take reggie [my dog dir] through the basement... then me aly an maddie went 2 sam's baseball game an hung out with will, david, josh, nathan, tj, thomas, a little girl who sed her bro thought... u no wut.. im gona tell the story.... ok.. there was thos random liitle girl at the baseball game... and she came up 2 me aly and maddie and sed  "my brother probably thinks your cute!" and were all, "awwww" and the liitle girl is like, "but only the one in the yellow jacket{jozzy} and the white jacket{aly} but not you {maddie}" an we were crackin up so hardd u would not evn imagine!!! oya... we also went ice skating... we hung out w/ will an grant and reid [lmao]. will kinda was fightin reid... it was funn... lol. we also got our jiggy on w/ the music [as aly sez] yupp.. it was funn... we had a fun day.. oya!! my bro was in battle of the bands 2day 2. and they won!!! jkjk.. well,, gtg i guess... peace out cubscout!

May 1st, 2008 aka may day! by: Jozzy

holy omggg! [ holy o my gosh golly goodness] they finished our deck 2day!!! yay!!! I am happy! it looks awesome.. ann 2day is mayday!!! i havnt gotten anything yet.. prob. cuz no1 rlly dus it anymore.. my b-day is in exactly 1 week now! yayayayyayay!!! i rlly want a camcorder so that i dont hav 2 keep borrowin the familycam... brb phones ringin[omg] nvm false alarm.. my faja got it.. [[faja=dad]] ya.. now the ppl are takin away all of the extra wood.. my brother's last day of skool is tuesday[may 5th] ahhh i want it 2 be my bday!!! grr... well, now i hav 2 get ready for track practice cuz im in the super(de-duper){:DD} meet.. im doin long jump and 4x100[100=1/4th of  a lap...] gtg.. byeebyee!! 

May 2nd, 2008 Career Day by: Jozzy

Hey ppl.. well, 2day as pretty much all of u know is career day and it was pretty funn/boring.. the only fun things were the simpsons guy[[i got the pictures he drew :DD]] and the cop lady [[how can you train for a cop??? i would die from the tazer.. or even just the pepper spray!!! ahhh!!! freak me outt...   so yupp..  oya... scratch wut I sed yesterday.. im really doin 4x1 and 4x2... someone got sick so she had 2 switch everything around... so cya l8er allig8er!!

May 3rd, 2008 by: Jozzy and Aly

 hey uhh today was the supermeet[this is jozzy talkin] and when i was passin the baton on the 4x200 i tripped and fell.. it hurt so frickin bad  and now i have at least 150 scrapes.. even though some are little, they still count.. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT FALL ON ASPHALT! IT KILLS!!!. so, ya, now its jozzy and aly.. so yupp we went ice skating again and it was pretty darn funn.. alex went w/ us..  and will grant wills friends and reid was ther... grrrrrrr! soo yupp.. and alex fell... and it was funny :DD

May 4th, 2008 aka 4 more days till b-day!![jozzy's] by: Aly and Joz

 ya, its sunday and its hot out and i dont [aka aly] have skool tomorow. me and jozzy had ice cream outside like the summer time.:) and maddies stupey-poopy doin homework 4 like 5 hours it seems like. MADDIE COME OUTSIDE. I KNOW U DONT HAV ANY HOMEWORK! [shes probably playing nintendogs]. ya, we mite write later but maybe not... LEAVE COMMENTS PLZ! NOW!

May 8th, 2008 aka Jozzy's b-day by: Jozzy

holy omggg!!!! its my bday!!!! hooray!!! and so far 2 day (its 6:30 rite now) we've had 36 page views! 36! well, later today im gona update and tell the whole world(or any1 who gets on the site) what i got 4 my bday.. ttyl.

[later] holy omggg!!!!!!!! i got the coolest camera ever!!! first it was this rlly crappy camera but the sound was all messed up so we went to targetto 2 get me an awesome 1!!! an we did!! and maday got me this awesome pottery thingy.. it ROCKS MY SOCKS! even though im not wearing any socks... owell! i just realized that was an idiom!! yay! i can put that in my book! [4 all ppl who r'nt in 63, u wouldnt no wut i am talkin about. cya ppL! byebye..

ps.. look below 2 c my camera

extra ps.. we got 112 page views today!! new record!

May 10th[10:30], 2008 by: Jozzy

i am very tired

well today me aly maddie alex and jill went to c iron man with josh and mark [no1 else could go because of graduation and stuff like that] and it was pretty dangg grrrreat. then me and aly got bored after i went to church so we went over to alex's house. i am so proud. i am not even lookin at the keys when i am typin right now! hoorah! lol.. then we made a cake and signed our names on it and ate it.. and we watched over her dead body and it was good 2.. i liked iron man betr though.. i am kinda mad that i didnt go ice skatin though cuz i've gone for the past 3 wks.. owell.. oya.. an every1 gav me all this dack stuff.. yupp it purty grrr8.

May 17th, 2008 by:Jozzy/Jozzy speakin 4 Maddie [but she not there]

hey ppl! we went to the park cleanup thing 4 confirmation hours an it was pretty dang hot out.. it still is an it 3:54 rite now.. aftr that we took a freezing shower [not togethr.. if u were thinkin that, u hav a sick mind] an then we went 2 panera. the food was [[yummilicious]]! and then aftr we came home we did nothin by ourselves 4 a few minutes.. maybe 20 or something like that.. and i had 2 do this wierd thing in my backyard and we had 2 take the rocks out of our garden thingy an maddie an john came so we all did it 2gethr an we had a worm fight[lolololol] an then when we were done we had a water balloon fight.. well, not really cuz all we did was pop water balloons and throw em on eachothr on purpose... brb... bac.. an then me an maddie wanted 2 tan so we made these gross drink thingies[we didnt no that they were gona be gross] an then we tanned our backs but then we wanted something different so we made these awesome smoothies[its a secret recipe.. no1 nos except me, maddie, an my mom who told us how 2 make themm lol.. actually..scratch that.. we added something different to them so actually no1 no's except me ann maddie] an then mine spilled a little[make that alot] an it fell through the deck[lol] soooo yupp.. now maddies gone cuz she has 2 get ready 4 church cuz shes an alter server..

May 28th, 2008 by: Jozzy

heyy ppl... sorry for not bloggin that much.. well, tom. i'm goin to the ozarks!! well, first, i'm goin to stay @ my aunt jackie's house an shes gona take me an my brother to Worlds Of Fun. Dang Crap it.. i have to go! owell,, I'll have fun packing! I'll blog more when I get back! yay short blogs!

June 7th, 2008 by: Jozzy

well, my vacation was rlly rlly funn... the first day when we got 2 Kansas City we ate at the Cheesecake Factory[my aunt is one of the general managers] and I had the off-road sliders[i think thats what they're called] an then we went to Blockbuster and got Blades Of Glory. so we watched it that night and then the next morning we went to Worlds OF Fun.. I went on the Patriot 3 times! well, first we went on the patriot, then we went on the detonator, then the mamba, then i think we went on the fury of the nile, then we ate turkey legs[HUGE!], then we went on this one rode where you spin in circles and go up and down[my brothers a wimp on rides so the only ones he went on were that one and the fury of the nile, o, and he's 15, turning 16 rlly soon] then we went on the boomerang[omg killed my head, made my head bang against both sides of the the bars that go on either side of you] and the I went on the bamboozler[kinda like silly silo except you  go up in the air, you hav a strap in front of you and you go up and down] and then me an jackiewent on the monsoon, then we went on the fury of the nile again, then me and jackie went on the patriot 2 more times. 4 dinner i had a burger at chefburger and it had lettuce, pickles, bacon, and peanut butter on it. it's called the guber burger. then the next day jackie had 2 work 4 most of the day but that day was gay pride day. the next day we got picked up after we ate at the cheesecake factory 4 breakfast[ihad french toast] and walking around for 4 hrs. then when we went to the ozarks, we went jetskiing, tubing[actually taco-ing] caught a turtle that had a leech on it, fished, and on the last day, we flipped over on the jetski, not forward, but sideways. it freaked me out! but i still like jetskiis. now im back.. HOORAY!

January 3rd, 2009 by: Jozzy

Hey guys.. I bet no one's gonna read this because I haven't blogged in a really long time.. But, if you do read this... me and maddie auditioned for the play and we got the two headed monster "Vapidius". It's gonna be really fun and we were sooooo happy :]. Christmas break is almost over.. We go back to school on Tuesday [the 6th]. I'm really bored.. For Christmas I got a digital camera and a bunch of other stuff.. yup, it was pretty dang fun.. well, i got nothin else to say sooooo bye... thanks for lookin at our site and stuff........ byeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!