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the page wouldnt get deleted so I just changed the name..


My fave food is ice cream [if that counts]

My dog is a wheaten terrier ann his name is Reggie. and i hav a cockapoo puppy named Kash.

My retarded fish is a beta and his name is Bobito he died!! how cum all of my pets r dying!?

My hermit crab[lol i almost put hermit crap]'s name is Paco.. I used to hav 1 named Chulo[that means cool in spanish] but he died. ya, he was cooler than paco.. he had 1 eye. paco died.. owell

ditto w/ maddie about walkingg to the gas station..

go 2 myspace.com/jozzy18 2 add mee                                                                                                                           
srry i put 508 b4.. tht was a typoo


my fave food- french fries.

my dog is a snoodle and me an jozzy call him cow. but his name's riley.

email me, im me, and add me on myspace cuz im on like, 24/7. o, and ppl say i say like alot.. so, like, totaly!

i hav long brown hair[every1s gotta lov a brunnett] blu eyes, and im kinda short..

o, an i like to party.


my favorite food- ice cream

my dog is a golden and his name is Bogey

i love to hang out with my friends and go to the gas station to get some ice cream and a drink.

seeing movies is one of my favorite things to do (especially comedies)

okoboji is one of my all time fav. places to go. I love Arnold's Park, the best ride is the rollercoaster. 



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